M. Abramowitz and I. A. Stegun, eds.
Handbook of Mathematical Functions

Electronic release notes

This is an electronic version of the famous Handbook of Mathematical Functions edited by M. Abramowitz and I. A. Stegun. Most of the material is given as page images optimized for on-screen viewing (JPEG format, 150 DPI). High-resolution page images for printing are also available in the "highres" directory (JBIG format, black/white, at 600 DPI).
About 60% of the pages were not scanned. The omitted pages were: pages containing text-only material, such as preface and table of contents, which were OCR'd and converted to hyperlinked HTML; the pages containing numerical tables; and the pages containing directions and explanations of ways of using the numerical tables. The pages explaining numerical methods that are not limited to using the tables were not omitted. Omission of numerical material is motivated by the fact that any modern computer capable of viewing these files is also capable of reproducing the numbers using computer algebra software such as Waterloo Maple (R).
The table of contents has been expanded into a full hyperlinked page index. The subject index has been converted to HTML, but the original subject index page images are also available.

Copyright notice: The Handbook of Mathematical Functions is, under the US copyright law, a "work for hire performed for the US Government". Therefore, from the point of view of the copyright law, the "author" of this work is the US Government. According to the US copyright law, works by the US Government are not eligible for the US copyright protection. Therefore, the Handbook of Mathematical Functions is not under US copyright and it is legal to copy it or distribute it in any form. Accordingly, paper copies of the book do not bear a copyright notice or a notice to prohibit copying.


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