NetPIPE 3.7.1 for Win32

NetPIPE(NPtcp, NPmemcpy) for Win32 and Visual C++.NET 2003
Original Version : NetPIPE 3.7.1 + GNU getopt.c/getopt.h
2008-01-23 (Wed) Version 0.0 Patched by T.Kouya
Sources, NPtcp, NPmemcpy, MD5sum
Contact address: Please refer to the bottom line on
** What’s “” ?
In order to follow newly released NetPIPE Version 3.7.1, we also released it for Visual C++.NET 2003, including the patched sources (*_tkpatch.h/c) referred to based on Version 3.6.2. You can obtain two binaries, netpipe371_win32_tcp.exe & netpipe371_win32_memcpy.exe, corresponding to NPtcp and NPmemcpy, respectively.
** Caution
1. This project and patched sources are published under “GNU Public License”. For more information about this license, see .
2. The executable and patched source files are WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.
3. If you can sophisticate our sources or original NetPIPE for native Win32 environment, we hope to publish their sources under GPL.
** The simplest usages
* netpipe371_win32_tcp.exe
@TCP server side: run “netpipe371_win32_tcp.exe” without any options.
@TCP client side: run “netpipe371_win32_tcp.exe” with “-h [IP address of the TCP server].”
* netpipe371_win32_memcpy.exe
is a runnable standalone.
 See “dox/README” file in NetPIPE.3.7.1.tar.gz for detailed options.
 NetPIPE Version 3.7.1がリリースされたので,そのソースと以前Version 3.6.2用に書いたパッチ(を元にVisual C++.NET 2003でコンパイルできるようにしたものです。NPtcp相当のバイナリ(netpipe371_win32_tcp.exe)とNPmemcpy相当のバイナリ(netpipe371_win32_memcpy.exe)が生成できます。
1. 本プログラムはGNU Public Licenseに従って公開されています。ライセンスの
2. 本プログラムは無保証です。
3. もっとましなパッチを作ってくれた人はぜひとも公開して下さい。
* netpipe371_win32_tcp.exe
 TCPサーバ側: netpipe371_win32_tcp
 TCPクライアント側: netpipe371_win32_tcp -h TCPサーバのIPアドレス
* netpipe371_win32_memcpy.exe

RSA Encryption using GMP

RSA Encryption Program
— Version 0.0: 2007-01-14
— Copyright (c) 2007- Tomonori Kouya (
[UNIX ] rsa.tar.gz
–What’s rsa.c ?
 Our “rsa.c” is a simple RSA encryption program in easy way. It can encrypt character strings of any length (default length is 256). All of multiple precision integer arithmetic executed in this program is based on GNU MP(GMP), so it can’t be compiled without GMP Version 4.1.2 or later versions.
–How to compile
 In UNIX or compatible environment in which GMP has been installed, you can compile:
$ gcc rsa.c -lgmp
You may choose the “Makefile” distributed with rsa.c.
 In Windows (2000, XP or Vista) environment, the command line compilers, for example, Cygwin or DJGPP, or the other package for Visual C++ ( are available.
–License of rsa.c
 You must treat and distribute it under GPL Version 2, along License.txt with rsa.c.
 rsa.c dosen’t have strong encyption for pratical use, because it was originally made for educational usage of “Algebra” in Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology. The copyright holder has NEVER any responsibility for it. YOU MUST USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

Tower of Hanoi and Quick Sort


○トランプでQuick Sortの解説