NetPIPE(NPtcp) for Win32

[ 2008-01-23 ] All files below have been moved to
NetPIPE(NPtcp) for Win32
Original Version : NetPIPE 3.6.2 + getopt.c/getopt.h
Compiled with Visual C++ 6.0 by T.Kouya
Sources, Executable file, MD5 checksums
*What’s “” ?
The Microsoft Windows Versions of MPICH have special NetPIPE for MPI(C:\Program Files\MPICH\SDK\Examples\nt\netpipe). This NetPIPE programs can run with MPIs only and without raw TCP connections. The original NetPIPE 3.6.2 supports several protocols such as TCP and MPI. We need the NetPIPE with raw TCP connection to evaluate MPICH overhead on Win32 environment. From the information at NetPIPE site, a executable file for Windows NT had been distributed, but it cannot be downloaded now(July 12, 2004). So, we patched the sources of the lastest NetPIPE 3.6.2, included getopt.c/getopt.h to the project, and built our own executable file for Win32 environment. This zip file has all sources needed to build the Win32 binary. It has been published under GPL, because the original NetPIPE is also distributed under GPL.
* Caution
1. This project and patched sources are published under “GNU Public License”. For detail, see .
2. The executable and patched source files are WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.
3. If you can sophisticate our sources or the original NetPIPE for current Win32 environment, we hope you to publish your sources under GPL.
* The simplest usage
@TCP server side: run “netpipe.exe” without any options.
@TCP client side: run “netpipe.exe” with “-h [IP address of the TCP server].”
 For detailed options, see “dox/README” file in NetPIPE.3.6.2.tar.gz.


The Newer MPIBNCpack has been released. It includes two extrapolation routines for IVP of ODEs. Please refer “test_mpiex6.c” as the sample program in detail.
In addition, Bugs in “mpi_linear.c” have been fixed.